LendingTree Foundation Awards $150,000 to Local Nonprofits Through Community Impact Grants

In an effort to empower local nonprofits, the LendingTree Foundation today announced that a one-time Community Impact Grant of $25,000 would be awarded to six Charlotte-based nonprofits, infusing $150,000 into the greater community. This program provides small, one-time grants to founder-led, community-embedded nonprofits that are on their way to making a big difference.

This year’s Community Impact Grant Recipients include:

City Startup Labs
Furnish For Good
Hope Vibes
Right Moves For Youth

“The LendingTree Foundation practices a trust-based giving model, which allows us to maximize impact by providing these organizations with unrestricted funding they can use to grow their community as they see fit,” said April Whitlock, Executive Director of the LendingTree Foundation. “Our philosophy minimizes the barriers to entry for our grant recipients so they can expand their programs and support as soon as possible, and we look forward to seeing these six community organizations continue to grow.”

The Community Impact Grant recipients were selected based on the Foundation’s four pillars of homeownership, upward mobility, financial wellness and entrepreneurship. Geographic location was also considered in efforts to serve all areas of the Charlotte community. Additionally, these grants serve as stepping stones for future LendaHand Alliance Cohort members, the Foundations’ signature giving program.

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About The LendingTree Foundation
The LendingTree Foundation is an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to amplifying economic opportunities for individuals, businesses, and communities. Centered around four pillars, the Foundation’s efforts focus on financial wellness, entrepreneurship and innovation, upward mobility, and homeownership. For more information about The LendingTree Foundation, please visit https://www.lendingtree.com/lp/lendingtreefoundation.html.